The children not work
Sad kid picture, 215 million children who work need to stop going unnoticed
We took Linkedin as an example to create awareness. If the world's largest professional network on the Internet allows a child to register as a worker imagine what it is like in Real life. Take Action. Share a child's profile. Make it noticeable from the web to the real world.
The International Labor Organization´s most recent estimate shows that there are 215 million children victims of child labor and that over half of them are involved in its worst ways, suffering physical, psychological or moral abuse that will cause severe damages for the rest of their lives.
Sharing therir profiles is the best way to stop them from going unnoticed
Young sad child carrying grasping the field. All children have the right to be protected against exploitation, which hinders their own rights and general development. 
By entering the labor market prematurely, they are deprived access to education, not only for themselves but also for their families and communities. Education is extremely necessary to rise from the poverty cycle they are immersed in.
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The children who work: Would be the fifth largest population in the world. Are much more than the total of LinkedIn users. Are more than the populations of Brazil. Are more people than Germany, England and France together.
Today, there are thousands of companies that make use of child labor as valid currency directly as workforce in their own operations, or indirectly through their suppliers.
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